Concept Development

The Right Concept is the Basis for Success

Our focus in concept development is the transfer of ideas into realisable projects. We develop ready-for-series-production solutions for our customers from production, mechanical and plant engineering and the packaging industry. From analysis of the starting situation through brainstorming to the formulated concept, all criteria are examined in consideration of the requirements and tasks of the customers, as well as with regard to feasibility, costs and potential manufacturing techniques. Creativity and fantasy together with deep technical and technological understanding form the foundation for the successful development and preparation of concept drafts.

Our customers appreciate our engagement and passion to develop the best possible result in a short time. As varied as the resulting concept drafts are the prerequisites with which we develop solutions for our customers. Thus, it is irrelevant for us whether our customers request a pure task from the production, a first rough idea of a technical or technological approach or an in-depth specification sheet. With passion and a systematic approach, we work on developing the optimal solution for the tasks of our customers. On the basis of accompanying feasibility studies, resulting concept drafts are compared and evaluated. The result serves as a solid foundation for the subsequent detailed developments in mechanical design, electrical design and automation. As a partner, we accompany our customers through the entire process of concept development.

Your Challenges:

  • Are you seeking an experienced development partner who can provide tailored technical solutions for you?
  • Do you need support in developing assembly groups, machines and plants?
  • Do you need a technical solution – a definite result – within a defined project framework?
  • Do you wish to adopt a completely new approach and hope innovative thinking with an outside-the-box view?

We dedicate ourselves to your task with passion!