Electronics Development

Suitable Electronics for Each Product

We not only master the mechanics and process technology, we also ensure that your products are combined with sophisticated electronics to create intelligent system solutions. We closely cooperate with long-term regional development partners in the field of circuit design to prepare circuit board designs and produce circuit boards. We would be happy to prepare a suitable overall concept with you and analyse special challenges (power loss, heat generation, ESD, EMC) already in an early project phase in order to develop an optimal solution in a targeted manner.

In addition to hardware development, our range of services includes preparation of software architectures, programming of micro controllers, DSPs and FPGAs, as well as the simulation of electronic circuits with SPICE during development. In order to ensure that a newly developed system solution works reliably, we not only rely on our experience but also test it under real environmental conditions. Flawless functionality of electronics has top priority.
Are you planning a new project and need support in electronics development up to the functionally tested sample or prototype design?

We look forward to developing a suitable solution for you!