Sealing & Closing

Sealed Tightly

For sealing and welding of packages, the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries primarily use processes based on contact heating and increasingly rely on induction heating. We offer our customers technical solutions for both processes. A special feature of induction heating is that the heat can be produced in the sealing or welding zone in targeted manner and in the shortest time. This allows a very high energy efficiency and provides for cold sealing tools.

Stable process sequences and process designs optimally harmonised to packaging geometry and material are crucial for optimal and reproducible sealing and welding seams. In addition to the tightness of the sealing seams, the desired seam strength (e.g. peelable/not peelable) must be considered. At the same time, sealing tools must be designed as hygienic versions, especially for use in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. All this flows into the design and development of sealing tools and parametrisation of the sealing process for your application. Our technical solutions range from special applicators with integrated induction systems for caps with sealing film, to sealing tools for peel foils (e.g. of yoghurt containers), to systems for longitudinal sealing of packages.

Your Challenges:

  • Do you need new sealing tools or are you planning a new packaging machine?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your current sealing or welding process and are you looking for alternatives?
  • Do you wish to apply and seal cups with sealing film reliably?
  • Are you seeking a test device to check sealing and welding seams?

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