MobilePackageTest Test Device

Is your packaging tightly closed?

Sealing seams of packaging must be both tightly closed against external influences and also must have sufficient seam strength. With the help of the "MobilePackageTest" test device, leak tests of sealing seams and seam strength analyses can be carried out in a very short time. The result is available in a matter of seconds. The leak test for sealing seams is carried our according to the pressure drop test.

The resulting leakage rate is used to classify the tightness (e.g. bacteria-proof, vapour-proof). The seam strength is tested using a burst test. The resulting burst pressure of the sealed seam can be used as measurable classification of the seal strength. Both tests, the pressure drop test and the burst test, can also be carried out in a combined test cycle. The results of any individual test package are stored in one file and can be summarised in a results report. In order to check your individual packaging, the "MobilePackageTest" test device has an exchangeable package uptake.

Technical Features:

  • Leak test of sealed seams via a pressure drop test
  • Check of seal strength via a burst test
  • Established test methods according to industrial standards
  • Exchangeable package uptake (forming set)
  • Intuitive operation and fast test execution
  • Documentation of test results