Simulation & Calculation

Simulation – Professional Calculation for Optimal Processes

Save valuable development time and avoid elaborate test series. With our simulation technique, we support you in developing new processes and products as well as in optimising and troubleshooting existing processes. We use the latest simulation software (COMSOL Multiphysics and MATLAB) and calculation tools (MDesign). With our well-founded expertise for numeric modelling, we are ideally equipped for a broad spectrum of simulation tasks. In addition, we are able to generate simulation models in a fast and targeted manner via direct access to an extensive library with reference models for your application. As such, we regard ourselves as a competent technology partner who supports you through a reliable and engaged approach.

Multiphysical Simulation – Considering Processes as a Whole:

We have specialised in the development of multiphysical simulation of complex coupled systems. Processes are analysed in their entity in order to better understand dependencies and interfaces. In many cases, it is not expedient to prepare detached simulation models for isolated individual phenomena. Often failures and anomalies of processes can be analysed only using a holistic approach. With our in-depth knowledge in the field of multiphysical simulations, we can support you and your processes as a whole.

Your Advantages with Multiphysical Simulation:

  • Analysis of holistic processes to recognise process parameters and their dependencies
  • Optimal process design that takes into account all process-relevant individual phenomena
  • Avoid information deficits through realistic process mapping
  • Visualisation of visible physical processes
  • Examination of operating and performance behaviour of complex systems
  • Save valuable development time and associated costs

Our simulation models are used in numerous fields of application:

  • Induction heating
  • Resistance heating/contact heating
  • Welded subassemblies
  • Structural mechanics
  • Air balance
  • Filling technology
  • Sterilisation systems
  • Media dosing
  • Vaporisers
  • Melting furnaces
  • Flow channels
  • Sensor technology

Our service overview in the field of simulations: