PeroxCat Catalyst

Reliable Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

Gaseous hydrogen peroxide is primarily used for sterilisation and room decontamination processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its strong oxidative effect and the formation of radicals, it has a very high elimination rate for the complete spectrum of microorganisms.

PeroxCat is a catalyst based on a foamed ceramic to reliably decompose hydrogen peroxide in exhaust air following sterilisation or disinfection treatment. he highly porous structure of the foam ceramic creates a high active surface that can react with the hydrogen peroxide. At the same time, there is only low flow resistance due to the porosity of the foamed ceramic. The catalyst has a very high catalytic activity towards hydrogen peroxide due to its special impregnation and an extremely high robustness. During the catalytic reaction, hydrogen peroxide is decomposed into the harmless degradation products oxygen and water (vapour). In order to achieve optimal results, we can dimension the catalyst to suit your sterilisation or disinfection process.

Technical Features:

  • Catalyst based on a foamed ceramic with a highly porous surface
  • Specific impregnation for reliable decompensation of hydrogen peroxide
  • Scalable dimensions
  • Low flow resistance
  • Robust and maintenance-free