Sterilisation & Disinfection

Efficient Decontamination of Surfaces and Rooms

For sterilisation and room decontamination processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries, primarily gaseous hydrogen peroxide is used. Due to its strong oxidative effect and the formation of radicals, it has a very high elimination rate for the complete spectrum of microorganisms.
We support our customers in developing and designing disinfection and sterilisation processes on the basis of gaseous hydrogen peroxide. Starting with the sterile materials and the framework conditions such as desired rate of germ reduction, possible process or application time, materials used, geometrics and process environment, we develop and parametrise the optimal decontamination process.

We have the appropriate expert knowledge and can rely on our development tools such as simulation and calculation models as well as company-owned test facilities. Our services range from the design of precise dosage systems for hydrogen peroxide, through application-related evaporator systems for the production of a gaseous hydrogen peroxide/air mixture, to measuring systems for monitoring hydrogen peroxide concentration and catalysts for targeted removal of hydrogen peroxide from exhaust air. Individual system components can be combined into complete and integrative sterilisation or disinfection systems. We would be happy to use our experience and expertise to develop an optimal solution for your application.

Your Challenges:

  • Are you seeking a suitable dosage system for your sterilisation or disinfection process?
  • Do you need a reliable evaporator for a defined phase shift of hydrogen peroxide?
  • Do you wish to monitor the sterilisation or disinfection process during production?
  • Do you hope to reduce hydrogen peroxide concentrations to a minimum in exhaust air?

We can develop the optimal solution for you!