InduTwist Screw Cap Applicator

Applying and Sealing in One Step

Our patented "InduTwist" screw cap applicator combines the application of a screw cap with inductive welding of the sealing film and container in one process step. An induction coil is integrated into the screw cap uptake to initiate the sealing process already during the application of the screw cap. This avoids the disadvantages of previous processes, where the application of the screw cap and the sealing process are strictly separated in subsequent process steps.

In addition to compact design and targeted energy coupling, increased process safety and complete monitoring of process parameters are the result of the new screw cap applicator. Thanks to its hygienic design, the screw cap applicator is particularly suitable for use in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Technical Features:

  • Suitable for screw caps with sealing film
  • Compact construction with integrated servomotor
  • Exchangeable uptake of screw caps
  • Integrated high frequency induction coil
  • Efficient energy coupling
  • Complete process monitoring
  • Precise torque control
  • Easy integration into filling systems
  • Intelligent system diagnostics
  • Hygienic design