PeroxLiquidMonitor Measurement System

Monitoring of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration in the Liquid Phase

Gaseous hydrogen peroxide is primarily used for sterilisation and room decontamination processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its strong oxidative effect and the formation of radicals, it has a very high elimination rate for the complete spectrum of microorganisms. Therefore, sterile materials are treated with an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide or with gaseous hydrogen peroxide.

An essential process parameter is the hydrogen peroxide concentration, which, in addition to exposure time, determines success or failure during sterilisation. In order to ensure that the desired hydrogen peroxide concentration is present in the liquid phase, continuous measurement monitoring of the concentration is strongly recommended. We have developed a measuring device to reliably detect concentrations according to the Coriolis measurement principle. The measuring device is designed as bypass system, which means that bubble formation, suspended particles or other influencing factors do not affect the measurement of the concentration. The measuring device is equipped with a monitored prefilter and a hydrogen peroxide-resistant fluid pump at the input side. The measured values are shown on an integrated display and can be transferred to an external control via a communication interface.

Technical Features:

  • Continues measurement via the Coriolis measurement principle
  • Bypass measuring device with monitored prefilter and integrated pump
  • Avoidance of effects due to bubble formation, suspended particles or similar
  • Measuring range (concentration): 0 to 50 weight percentage
  • Resolution limit: 0.2 weight percentage
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Output: 0/4…20 mA
  • LED signal light for limit monitoring