Technical Centre & Testing Site

Technical Centre – Where our Ideas Become Reality

In our technical centre, function modules, test stations, prototypes or machines and facilities ready for series production are built and analysed for their functionality. We are optimally equipped with assembly tools as well as the latest measuring instruments and equipment. We have the corresponding facilities and knowledge to carry out initial feasibility analyses, functional verifications or performance tests on function demonstrators for new developments of production processes or processing machines.

Systematic validation of function demonstrators and structured implementation of test procedures provide the necessary results to design function modules, machines and facilities in a targeted approach. We also use our own test stations and our electronics laboratory, which are equipped with high-quality measuring instruments such as data loggers, oscilloscopes, LCR meters, laboratory power supplies, an FPGA-based measurement board, microscopes and thermal imaging cameras.

We use our knowledge and technical centre for the success of your project!