PeroxGasMonitor Measuring System

Monitoring of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Concentration

Gaseous hydrogen peroxide is primarily used for sterilisation and room decontamination processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its strong oxidative effect and the formation of radicals, it has a very high elimination rate for the complete spectrum of microorganisms.

For reliable sterilisation and disinfection, a sufficient hydrogen peroxide concentration must be reached during surface treatment. Hydrogen peroxide concentration can be continuously monitored during sterilisation or room disinfection using the "PeroxGasMonitor" measurement system. The thermos-catalytic measuring head covers a wide range of concentrations and is suitable for use even under extreme process conditions. Measured values can be read out directly on an analogue output and recorded via a machine control, for example.

Technical Features:

  • Measuring range (adjustable):
  • 0…100% v/v (for vacuum)
  • 0…10% v/v
  • 0…10.000 ppm
  • Repeat accuracy: 30 ppm
  • Response time (t90%):
  • <500 ms (static)
  • <100 ms (flow)
  • Temperature range (gas): 200 °C
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Analogue output: 0-5 V
  • Precision: 0.01% (full scale of the measuring range)
  • Data transmission rate: 100 Hz (100 S/s)