Evaporator Cleaning with the CleanEvaporator

Evaporator – Safe and Efficient Cleaning

Gaseous hydrogen peroxide is primarily used for sterilisation and room decontamination processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Due to the use of stabilisers in the hydrogen peroxide solutions, undesirable deposits form during the evaporation process. These deposits – mostly based on phosphate-containing compounds – must be removed from the evaporator surface by regular cleaning procedures.

Your Challenges:

  • Do you need to remove process-related deposits?
  • Do you wish to automate and log your maintenance interval?
  • Do you hope to increase work safety for your employees with cleaning media?

Our Solution:

Several evaporator units can be cleaned reliably with our CleanEvaporator. Safe and controlled treatment of an evaporator unit can be guaranteed using an automated cleaning procedure. The cleaning procedure can flexibly be adapted to the evaporator units used. Integrated process logging provides comprehensible documentation of the cleaning cycles.

Technical Features:

  • Safe handling
  • Provision of cleaning logs
  • Variable cleaning design
  • Fill level control of individual evaporators
  • Cleaning of different evaporator types
  • Documented cleaning cycles