Installation & Commissioning

Subassembly & Plant Installation with the Utmost Care

For our customers, we take over the installation of individual subassemblies and complete machines & facilities on schedule and in accordance with quality standards. We have the necessary facilities and equipment in our technical centre. Starting with the careful inspection of production components, CAD-supported installation of the components, accompanying documentation and, if necessary, correction of production drawings, we take on the complete package. The complete process is of course carried out by us according to the highest quality standards.

Commissioning – The Wedding of Engineering

We also carry out electrical installation for the commissioning of individual functional modules or complete machines or facilities. Installation and wiring of sensors and actuators according to the circuit diagram are as much part of our range of services as programming of the PLC control and the final functional test. Just as in automotive engineering the merging of body and transmission, the two essential components of a vehicle, is called a wedding, for us the merging of mechanics and automation is also a very special moment. This brings the machine or plant to life. The final functional test rounds off our profile.

We thus offer our customers the complete package from the first screw to the recorded approval and handover of subassemblies or complete machines or facilities. We would be happy to support you in installation and commissioning as well.

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