Mechanical & Plant Engineering

Precision in Production

What do highly viscous foodstuff have in common with an electric soldering assembly? Both must be processed and packaged safely and reliably in the cleanest environment. We offer tailor-made machines & plants for these processes. With our extensive expertise in (hygienic) production processes, we offer our customers an appropriate technical solution. In our history, we look back on a multitude of different customised machines and plants with a special focus on hygienic product processing and packaging.

In addition to customer-specific solutions, we have also developed filling machines under our own responsibility for highly viscous products and for bulk packs, among others, and established a compact automatic soldering machine in the form of a rotary plate for the inductive soldering of electrical subassemblies. In all our activities and products, the customer and their needs and requirements are always in the foreground.

Your Challenges:

  • Are you seeking a partner who can help you develop an appropriate production facility, filling or packaging machine for your product?
  • Do you need support in the development of partial aspects of your production or packaging machine?
  • Do you have special technical specifications or special requirements for a machine or facility?
  • Do you want the machine or facility to meet the highest hygienic demands?

We can offer you the appropriate machine or facility for your production.