Redesign & Retrofit

We Make Your Production Facility Fit for the Future

Is your production facility outdated or does it not meet your current needs? Are you operating a plant that is equipped with an outdated control, does not meet the current requirements for work safety or fails frequently? As a technology partner, we can support you in making your production facility fit for the future. With a targeted conversion or extension of your production facilities, we can ensure that even in the future, you can produce reliably and extend capacity and lifetime in order to guarantee work safety. The conversion or overhaul of a production facility is more efficient and less expensive than new acquisition. See for yourself.

Our Services:

  • Determination of requirements of the future production process
  • Inventory (current state analysis) of the production facility
  • Potential analysis for plant optimisation
  • Concept development for conversion or expansion of a production facility
  • Implementation of a concept and check for functionality
  • CE-compliant documentation
  • Transparent cooperation with our customer

Your Advantages:

  • Complete overview of optimisation potentials or conversion possibilities
  • Objective assessment from an outsider’s perspective
  • Complete project management from one source
  • Cost-effective alternative to a new facility
  • Future cost saving and increased reliability