InduSys Induction System

Precise Heating with High Speed

"InduSys" is an industrial induction system for inductive sealing, welding or heating of composite films or metallic compounds. The induction system allows contactless heat generation directly in the heating zones of the material. Thermal losses and heating times typical in contact heating are reduced. The use of “cold” tools represents another advantage of the induction system.

Examples for application include sealing of composite foils with an aluminium layer or heating and soldering of copper elements as electric connecting elements. The system can be designed as a hygienic version. Thus, the system can be used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Technical Features:

  • Particularly suitable for foil sealing and heating of even the smallest components
  • Compact construction as an independent system or for integration into a plant
  • Process-specific and simulation-based inductor development
  • Efficient energy coupling
  • Complete process monitoring and data collection
  • User-specific interfaces to a higher-level system (USB, Profinet, Powerlink, Ethernet, OPC UA)
  • Intelligent system diagnostics