ZIM Funding Project "InduTwist"



The Central Innovation Programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (ZIM) is a nationwide support programme open to all technologies and sectors. The goal of ZIM is to sustainably support the innovative power and competitiveness of the companies and thus contribute to their growth, combined with creation and securing of jobs.


Within the framework of the funding programme, Imagine Engineering GmbH received grants to implement the "InduTwist" project.


Product containers with screw caps are used for hygienic packaging of products in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In order to ensure completely hermetic sealing, especially for sterile products, sealing foils made of aluminium with a polymer coating are used in the screw cap. These sealing foils serve as a barrier, protecting the product against environmental effects.


Until now, screw caps with integrated sealing foil have been screwed on the filled containers immediately after product filling and subsequently, outside a hygienic environment, are welded during the run using an induction sealing system.


The aim of the project is to realise a novel rotation sealing system based on induction heating that also meets the requirements of an aseptic filling plant. Application of the foil and the screw cap and sealing are carried out in a single process step. This approach prevents recontamination of the product and allows significantly higher process reliability and process control of the sealing process compared to the previous method.


Development partner: Elektronikentwickler Aachen EE-AC


Period of the project: 10/ 2018 – 09/2020

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