Our main focus in construction is to turn our ideas into feasible projects. We develop solutions ready for serial production for our customers in machinery and plant engineering as well as in packaging machine construction. From analysis of the initial situation and brainstorming to the formulated concept, all criteria are closely examined taking in consideration costs and manufacturing techniques.


We look forward to implementing these concepts for you.



We are passionate about working with innovative technologies to gain basic data and use them in forward-looking projects. Our basic challenges range from concept development and feasibility studies to the design and validation of function demonstrators and prototypes.

Important pillars include analytic and numeric process design, implementing practical field tests, access to a competent, interdisciplinary network involving higher education institutions, research institutes and development partners and a synergy between mechanical and electrical design



Mechanical Construction


The mechanical construction is an essential aspect of our competence. Conceptual work in development, kinematic studies, movement analyses and simulation of multiphysical effects helps us to achieve optimum results. We are relying on state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems in planning, designing, presenting and documenting our projects. The preparation of production drawings according to the specifications of our customers is, of course, part of our service portfolio.

We control elaborate mechanics and complex process technology reliably.

Electrical Construktion


Our service portfolio includes electrical design, selection of components, automation and programming of drive systems, power components and robotic systems, preparation of circuit diagrams and the commissioning of components and complete prototypes.


As a solution partner of Schneider Electric, we process service and commissioning orders from industry within the framework of the "MSX–Partner-Programme".


Benefit from our field experience.



We use 3D computer animation in development to visualize our concept ideas.


Functions of technical equipment and complex processes can be presented in a comprehensible way even before constructive elaboration. Functional animations support and accelerate the development of concept variants and assist customers in their decision making process.


To support marketing and distribution, these animations can be prepared in almost photo-realistic quality and can be used for sales promotion and presentation purposes.

Multiphysical Simulations


Multiphysical simulations are an important component in the pre-development of production systems.


Using an iterative approach, theoretical knowledge gained with the help of simulations is incorporated in technological, mechanical and electrotechnical designs and concepts.


Processes are analysed in their entirety in order to better understand dependencies and interfaces. In addition to simulation solutions on isolated physical single phenomena, we therefore offer the development of multiphysical simulations of complex coupled systems. Our know-how focuses on fluid dynamics and statics, including multiphase systems, structural mechanics, (electro)thermal processes and high frequency alternating fields.


On the track of reality.

Test Field and Prototype Design


We validate our concepts, constructions, technologies and process technology knowledge on own or customer-specific pilot equipment in our production facility or on-site with our customers. The results from the test field are then again incorporated iteratively into the optimisation process.


Concepts are implemented either as function modules or as complete prototypes. In procuring production parts and components, we rely on an extensive supplier network in the fields chipping, plastics engineering and forming technology.

We can carry out installation, commissioning, validation and implementation of the test series in a company's own facility.

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