PeroxGasMonitor – Monitoring Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Concentration


With our innovative PeroxGasMonitor, you can continuously monitor your sterilisation process. The sensor system is designed to precisely record high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, even under extreme process conditions. This makes it possible to control the key parameter for successful sterilisation. The sensor system includes a thermocatalytic measuring head and an external, easy-to-use evaluation electronics.



  • Monitoring gaseous H2O2 concentrations
  • Continuous monitoring in static gas atmosphere and in gas flow
  • Use in machine commissioning, in maintenance and service and in ongoing production
  • Safe operation under critical ambient conditions
  • Splash-proof (optionally suitable for CIP)
  • Hygienic sensor design



Specifications of the thermocatalytic sensor heads:


Measuring range (adjustable):

0…100% v/v (for Vacuum)

0…10% v/v

0…10,000 ppm





Response time(t90%):

<500 ms (in static gas atmosphere)

<100 ms (in gas flow)


Temperature range (gas):

up to 200 °C




Specifications of the evaluation electronics:


Output signal:

0…10 V



0.01% of the full scale


Data transmission rate:

100 Hz (100 S/s)



Sensor M12 (5 pins)

Output M8 (3 pins)


Power supply:

24 Volt DC


We will be happy to support you in parameterisation and optimising your product-specific application.


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