Collective Inspiration, Knowledge and Enthusiasm is Growing in the Team


We appreciate exchange and cooperation in our cross-technology network with higher education institutions, research institutes and development partners.


An extensive and competent supplier network of the fields chipping, plastics engineering and forming technology support us in selecting and procuring production parts and components.





European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group


The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) is an expert community including machine and component manufacturers, specialists of the food industry as well as research institutions and health authorities.


Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists


The Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists (IFTPS) is an international organisation with expert knowledge in the field of thermal processing operations with a primary focus on healthcare security.


Industrial Organisation for Foodstuff Technology and Packaging


The Industrievereinigung für Lebensmitteltechnologie und Verpackung (IVLV) is researching jointly and along the entire value chain for securely packed foodstuff of high and long-lasting quality.


Schneider Electric MachineStruxure (MSX) Partner


Within the framework of the MachineStruxure (MSX) Partner Programme, Imagine is developing and implementing complete automation solutions with hard- and software support for Schneider-Electric-Customers.




MedLife is a life science network in the Aachen Technology Region that offers events and services in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and the health economy.


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