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With customised tailor-made solutions and our own product developments, we are your technology partner for realising complex development projects.


As a specialist in technology and component development with a special focus on hygienic plant engineering, we see ourselves as your partner in the fields of


• Product handling and transport systems (transfer systems and robotics)

• Hygienic process technology (sterilisation and cleaning processes)

• Electrothermic sealing technologies (induction heating & high frequency)


We are looking forward to tackling your challenges!






PeroxGasMonitor – Monitoring Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Concentration


At the 7th European Conference of the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists (IFTPS) in Sevilla, Imagine presented the PeroxGasMonitor.


With our innovative PeroxGasMonitor, you can continuously monitor your sterilisation process. The sensor system is designed to precisely record high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, even under extreme process conditions.


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Innovation in the Focus of the ERDF Funding - "Efficient Sterile"


Within the framework of the lead market competitions ERDF.NRW, Imagine Engineering GmbH was awarded grants for implementing the "EfficientSterile" project:


"Development of an energy-efficient, modular sterilisation system for aseptic packaging equipment in consideration of ecological aspects"


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Impulses for Innovation - "InduTwist"


The Central SME Innovation Programme (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports creative companies in realising good ideas. Imagine received grants for implementing the "InduTwist" project:


"Development of an inductive rotation sealing system for hermetically sealing aseptic product containers for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products"


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